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PT. Hollit International is a Jakarta based Fashion House where product development, material sourcing and production are combined under one roof.  We are a subsidiary company of PT. Pan Brothers Tbk, one of Indonesia’s largest apparel groups. We supply a wide range of garments to top European and American companies and brands sold all over the world.

Hollit was founded by two young men who had different backgrounds and expertise but a common vision and goals.  The company began its operations in 1990 located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then moved to Jakarta, Indonesia in 1995. Since its establishment, Hollit has built a solid track record and a leading reputation in the international fashion market based on its expertise and know-how in Product Development necessary to meet global standards.

Starting with only four employees, Hollit currently has over 200 staff that comes from many different nationalities and brings together diverse competencies. Everybody work with the passion and drive to produce world-class quality garments to high-end users.

facts about Hollit

  • Hollit’s success has been rooted in its Product Development competence. Our extensive customer portfolio shows the level of trust that our customers have in what we do.
  • Hollit, together with another subsidiary of PT. Pan Brothers Tbk, PT. Panca Prima Ekabrothers, are in the process of establishing a Dyeing and Washing facility in Central Java. This green facility will be fully operational in mid-2014.
  • PT Hollit International has recently opened a fully-fledged samples production unit located within our own premises, featuring specialist machines, cad-cam and boiler. Our pattern makers, supported by highly skilled sewing operators, can produce real time ad-hock sample products for visiting designers and product developers. Our Motto: ‘Design on the Spot’.     


The ability to develop products according to the latest trends, to source the right fabrics and accessories and to innovate with different washing and dyeing treatments are essential to the success of Hollit. With an outstanding and unique International team (Indonesian, Italian,Dutch and Indian), we strive to be at the forefront of the latest trends and offer our high profile customers constant inputs as part of new commercial development opportunities.

Our Vision

To be a point of reference in the global fashion industry which is recognized through our five core reputational pillars of: Value; Innovation; Customer Satisfaction; Supply Chain Management and Strategic Partnership.

Our Mission

-  To provide value added and dynamic integrated services from design to production for the world’s leading fashion companies.
-  To provide value for our stakeholders and to be an employer of choice.

Our Values

  • Authentic

  • Inspiring

  • Service minded

  • Entrepreneurial

  • Passionate

about us


Each member of the management team is responsible for those areas that has strategic importance to our business. The management team works closely together to ensure that Hollit attains its strategic goals and objectives at all times.

Arul Rayan

Arul Rayan

Business Development Manager

Dewi Y. Suryani

Dewi Y. Suryani

Human Resource Development Manager

Frank Smits

Frank Smits

President Director

Jean Pierre Seveke

Jean Pierre Seveke

Marketing Director

Simone Toniolo

Simone Toniolo

Merchandising Manager

Vinay Taneja

Vinay Taneja

Finance Manager

The Group


In 2011, Hollit merged with Indonesia’s most innovative and target driven manufacturing group, PT Pan Brothers Tbk with the intention to leverage identified declared values between Pan Brother Tbk., one of the largest and most professionally managed Indonesian garment manufacturing groups and Hollit, as a leading Indonesian-based product development company. The result is a unique collaboration where product development capability and manufacturing capacity is housed under one roof.

The merger has created one of the strongest apparel supplier groups in Asia with an abundance of product know-how, production capacity, fashion trend awareness and a unique all-round understanding of the garment business.

For Hollit, the partnership delivers a competitive edge in relation to production and pricing. The merger has also enabled Hollit to expand into the American market with the addition of top US Brands and companies to our already impressive customer portfolio.


PT. Pan Brothers Tbk ( is a Garment Developer, Supplier and Manufacturer. Established in 1980, The company has been listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange since 1990. The Group produces (i) cut and sewn knit garments, (ii) woven garments and (iii) light and heavy woven jackets for export to the USA, European and Japanese markets. It supplies to world renowned fashion brands.

Besides manufacturing garments, the Group is also involved, via its subsidiaries, in product development of the latest trends in styling, finishing and materials, knitted fabric manufacturing, the laundry business, garment related printing and the apparel retail business. In total, over 22,000 employees work for the group.


PT Hollit International, in partnership with Panca Prima Ekabrothers (both are subsidiaries of PT Pan Brothers Tbk) are in the process of establishing a Dyeing and Washing facility in Central Java, close to where our current manufacturing capacity is located.

Being a multi-million dollar investment, this new project is designed as a “green” facility using state of the art fully automated machinery and equipment from Tonello’s, Italy, known to be environmentally friendly. The laundry, which will be managed by a team of experts from Europe and Indonesia, will be fully operational in Mid-2014.

With the growing demand for state of the art laundries in South East Asia and a positive outlook of the Indonesian garment industry as a whole, there is no better time to capitalize on this opportunity. Having our own laundry capability will enable the group to maintain a better control of our finished products (from production to washing/dying treatments) and to capitalize on the growing demand for added value products. 


The group currently has 13 manufacturing units located in the Jakarta area plus West and Central Java with 13,250 machines and a production capacity of 42 million garment pieces per year. Expansion plans in 2014 are already well advanced as PT Pan Brothers Tbk continues to grow successfully. The Company complies with international standard requirements for safety and social compliance.

Woven Pants2,050 units7,200,000 pcs
Light and Heavy Woven Jackets8,050 units15,000,000 pcs
Cut and Sewn Knit3,150 units19,800,000 pcs

Printing Facility

Printing Facility

The Group has recently established a printing facility in Central Java equipped with two state of the art Oval type auto print machines 12/16 col including the latest model of Digital direct-jet Printer devices (1100mm*2500mm) thereby enabling us to combine print-techniques with digital imaging and traditional screen printing into a single process.

This modern facility has extensive printing capability for knits, woven, technical fabrics, digital print and combined embellishment. It has the capability to produce a variety of print materials (e.g., water-base print, discharge printing, direct flock print, puff foil print; Rhinestone heat press, etc) via different print techniques (e.g.; Digital Jet Print; Nature Blur-Edge effect; 4 Color Process Print; Wash-Off effect; etc). The plant has been fully in operation in February 2014. For the start, the production capacity is approximately 200,000 pieces per month. With further additional machines to be installed, eventually the capacity will increase to approximately 1,500,000 pieces by June 2014. The overall concept design and operational capability is designated to meet full WRAP and Oeko-Tex 100 certification.

please see further for the printing techniques






    Hollit embraces diversity. Our staff members come from different nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and religious groups. The management is committed to provide a high quality working environment for our employees and an enjoyable working experience to help stimulate world class performance.

    There is more than just work in Hollit. Come and join us to experience what the company has to offer.

    current vacancies

    We currently have the Job Opportunities below.

    No. Position Location Posting Date
    1. Senior Quality Assurance (Garment) - Jabodetabek Jakarta 17 Nov 2014
    2. Quality Assurance Staff (Garment) - Jabodetabek Jakarta 17 Nov 2014
    3. Boiler Engineer (Sragen) Central Java 13 Oct 2014
    4. Laundry Engineer (Sragen) Central Java 13 Oct 2014
    5. Engineer Supervisor (Sragen) Central Java 13 Oct 2014
    6. WWTP Engineer (Sragen) Central Java 13 Oct 2014
    7. Laundry Production Supervisor (Sragen) Central Java 13 Oct 2014
    8. Laundry QC Supervisor (Sragen) Central Java 13 Oct 2014
    9. Laundry Warehouse Supervisor (Sragen) Central Java 13 Oct 2014
    10. Stock Keepers (Sragen) Central Java 13 Oct 2014

    If you are interested to work for the company and feel that you can contribute to our sustainable growth, please drop your application and cv to: (Please write on the subject of the email the job that you wish to apply).


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